Screen exploits anamorphic projection to force a two-dimensional digital animation into three dimensions. The projection screen is composed of eight hundred strands of jute twine, which are organized in a sine curve and are interrupted by standardized increments of negative space. Screen reveals unexpected artifacts, which appear in the process of materializing digital information in physical space. In developing Screen’s form, I experimented with different types of string. Ultimately, I chose jute twine instead of nylon or silk because the unruly jute best articulated the textural intensity of physical space. The precise rules of digital projection do not account for jute’s tiny broken hairs, which radiate from each strand and carry light into the work’s seemingly vacant spaces. These disobedient micro-fibers disrupt binary boundaries—off and on, empty and full—yielding dynamic visual noise.

Jute twine tethered with two-half-hitch knots to 1600 hooks and eyes.
180 x 120 x 240 inches